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  • Legamaster Magnetic Marker Holder 7-1220-00

    Code: ED02838
    Pack size: Each

    Legamaster Magnetic Marker Holder. Magnetic holder designed to hold up to four markers in a horizontal position. Suitable for all magnetic boards.
  • Legamaster Self-Adhesive Tape for Planning Boards Blue 4332-03

    Code: ED02990
    Pack size: Each

    Self adhesive divider tape is a quick and precise way of marking out columns and rows to transform any whiteboard into a planner. Handy dispenser for easy application. Tape can be removed and board re-used. Tape size: 2.5mm x 16m. Colour: Blue.
  • Legamaster Whiteboard Assistant Eraser/Marker Holder 1225-00

    Code: ED02839
    Pack size: Each

    A cleverly designed product combining a magnetic whiteboard eraser and marker holder in one. Features an integral magnetic strip for convenient storage on the board and provides safe storage for board markers. Container lid doubles as an eraser.